Mad Max: Fury Road

mad_max_fury_road_ver13_xlgThe Mad Max franchise isn’t necessarily as much of a household name as other properties like Star Wars or Jurassic Park, but the latest entry, Mad Max: Fury Road, has remarkably had just as much buzz and hype as any other hollywood franchise being released this year. What’s even more surprising is just how much everyone and their mother LOVES this movie. Some are even declaring it as the best film of 2015 already, and the year’s not even half-over! (Settle down guys, We still have Jurassic World, Spectre, Inside Out and a little movie called The Force Awakens to see before I could ever make that claim) So what has audience and critics alike so united by their love for this film? Let’s take a look at it and find out.


First and foremost; Fury Road is visual Storytelling at it’s finest. There’s minimal dialogue in the film, but the story is conveyed by the characters actions rather than their words. I thought this was incredibly refreshing and effective for an action movie in this day and age to take this route. Speaking of action films, while I can’t officially call this movie the best of 2015, I can say that it is without a doubt the best straight-up action film of the decade so far. (So long as I don’t include Super-hero, films, which have kinda become a genre of their own.) I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that the entire movie is a chase across the desert, and it’s incredibly exhilarating. The film rarely slows down, but you’ll probably be too busy having fun to even care about that. (Almost all the effects are practical too, which will undoubtably  be refreshing for many film fans) When it does briefly (and I do stress the term “Briefly”) Put on the brakes to settle down, you realize that it’s not just a mindless action movie either. There’s a story that matters, and you care about these characters and you want to see them succeed, which makes the action all the more thrilling.


I can understand how some people, as well as hardcore mad max fans, may be upset to hear that Max himself comes off as more of a secondary character in the grand scheme of things. He’s still a cooll character and all, but he’s not the in the spotlight quite as much as some would’ve hoped.  This would bother me too…if all the other characters weren’t so interesting. And yet, I’d be hard pressed to name a character in this movie that  didn’t care about, although I can pick out three of my favourites. One of the main protagonists, Furiosa, is an engaging lead and the one that really gets this whole chase started in the first place. She’s a complete badass that also genuinely cares about the people she’s protecting, which makes it easy to root for her. (plus her robo-arm is just the coolest thing ever) The main antagonist, Immortan Joe, is quite the terrifying  character. The more you learn about him and his plans, the more you realize what a creep he is. His appearance echoes the likes of other iconic movie villains such as Darth Vader and Bane. My favourite character would have to be Nux, a member of Joe’s army. He starts off as an antagonist and/or the comic relief, but as the film progresses, he becomes much more complex and I grew to really like him as the film went on.


Mad Max is one of those few films where the hype is truly justified.  There’s plenty ore I want to talk about, but it’s more satisfying to experience some of the moments for yourself without being spoiled. (trust me, you’ll know which moments i’m talking about when you see the movie) Complaining about this film is useless because it does what it sets out to do perfectly. It delivers what the fans wanted and manages to be accessible enough for new audiences to also have fun as well. I’m hesitant to call it a perfect movie, but for what it is, it’s an incredible action movie and one of the must sees of the summer.