My top ten most anticipated films of 2015: Part 2


Welcome back to part 2 of my most anticipated movies of the year. if you haven’t read part 1, you can check it out here. Let’s move on to number 5!!

Number 5: Ant-Man


I was pretty disappointed when edger wright left Ant-Man. So much so that after I heard the news I didn’t have nearly as much interest in the movie. It also didn’t help that Ant-Man isn’t particularly high on my favourite Marvel Characters list. But I’d be lying if I said that the last few trailers we’ve gotten for this movie didn’t rock my socks off. This movie looks like it could potentially end up being one of my favourite Marvel films thanks to a great sense of humour, a terrific suit for the hero, and some inventive action sequences. One of which taking place on a miniature Thomas the Tank Engine train set….it must be seen to be believed.

Number 4: Goosebumps


If one were to ask me what some of my favourite childhood books are, chances are quite a few of them would be Goosebumps books. While I’m not as big a fan of the series as I was when I was younger, I still think R.L Stine is a great writer and I have many fond memories of reading the books and watching the Goosebumps TV show. So Naturally, i’m very excited to see how this feature length adaptation of the series turns out. (I’m still having a hard time picturing Jack Black as R.L Stine though…I’m sure a good trailer will convince me otherwise.) One aspect that has me very intrigued is that they are bringing back nearly every ghoul and monster from the books and TV show into this movie, including The Scarecrow that walks at midnight, The haunted mask, and of course, Slappy the Dummy.

Number 3: Avengers: Age of Ultron


Numbers 3 through 1 on this list could easily be interchangeable. I’m looking forward to all three of these movies on a pretty equal level, but here’s the order I managed to come up with in any case. I’ve really been loving what Marvel has done since 2008’s Iron Man, and the first Avengers became one of my favourite films . I become more excited each new trailer, clip and tv spot. Ultron himself looks like he could end up being one of the years best villains. Make mine a Marvel.

Number 2: Star Wars: The Force Awakens


After a decade long absence, Star Wars finally returns to the big screen. (if one doesn’t count The Clone Wars or when The Phantom Menace was re-released in theatres in 2012. ) The footage released promises fans that this is the film they’ve been waiting for, keeping true to the essence of what made the original trilogy so endearing. What else can I say? It’s Star Wars. A new Star Wars movie. Coming out THIS year. If that’s not enough to excite you, then I don’t know what is.

Number 1: Jurassic World


Out of all the films being released this year, jurassic World is one of the most personal for me. The original Jurassic Park is probably my favourite movie of all time, and I’ve spent so many years wishing and hoping for Jurassic Park 4 to be released. I’ve heard all the rumours, the false release dates and plots, and for a short period of time, I thought the film would never come out. Yet here we are, at long last, just one month away from the finished product, and I’m so thrilled that the much fabled Jurassic Park 4 (Now titled “Jurassic World”) Is a reality.

What movies are you guys looking forward to the most? Tell me your lists in the comments! Here’s to a great year in cinema!


My top ten most anticipated films of 2015: Part


2015 Is shaping up to be quite possibly one of the most exciting years in cinema history. With that said, how could I not make a list of which films I’m looking forward to? One thing that I should point out is that although the films on this list are the ones i’m looking forward to most, there are still plenty of honourable mentions that look good to me as well (Such as Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation, Tomorowland, Pixles, Mad Max: Fury Road, Hotel Transylvania 2, Minions, and more) With that out of the way, let’s take a look at my top ten most anticipated films of 2015!!

                                           Number 10: Godzilla: Heritage


This is technically a fan-made film, but hey, it’s my list, and I’m looking forward to this movie enough for it to earn the number ten spot on my list. Godzilla Heritage is an ambitious project that has potential to be one of the greatest fan films ever made. The filmmakers are building their own Kaiju suits, animatronics, and extensive miniature sets to capture the look and feel of the original Toho films (with only a small portion of CGI involved) The story centres around a young relative of reporter Steve Martin (The main protagonist of Godzilla: King of the Monsters) as he struggles to embrace his heritage and report the awakening of Godzilla, who has reappeared after a 30 year absence, along with several other Kaiju. With an intriguing story and a promising Kickstarter campaign, this is one film I’ll be keeping an eye on.

Number 9: Equestria Girls: Friendship Games


I remember back in early 2013 when I saw a leaked image of the first Equestrian Girls movie. I thought to myself, “Is this a joke?” Thankfully, while the Equestria Girls films don’t quite measure up to the fantastic MLP television series, they’ve proven to be fun in their own weird way. the first movie was a fun cute little experiment, the second film was an improvement (and sported one of the best soundtracks of 2014) while this next one, entitled “Friendship games”, looks like it may be the conclusion to a trilogy(?) of EG films. Although there’s currently little information on the film, fans can expect three things:  More catchy songs, more character development, and more great animation.

Number 8: Pixar’s Inside out/ The Good Dinosaur


Out of the two Pixar flicks coming out this year, I decided to include both at the number 8 spot, because while I’m more interested in “The Good Dinosaur” as a concept, there’s simply not enough information on the project for me to get as excited for it as some of the other films on this list. However, despite not being impressed with the first trailer for Inside Out, the second trailer made the film look more interesting to me. Being Pixar, It’s likely that Both films will end up being among the year’s best. (though some would say that these films are going to be a “return to form” for the studio, I’d have to disagree, as I was a big fan of 2013’s “Monsters University.”)

Number 7: Shaun the Sheep


I just have one question…WHEN WILL THIS MOVIE GET A THEATRICAL RELEASE IN CANADA!?!? As a big fan of Aardman (the creative team behind Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run, The Pirates: Band of Misfits and more), I’ve been eagerly anticipating their feature length adaptation of the “Shaun the Sheep” television series ever since it was announced. The trailers look great, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about the film since it’s been released over in the UK, but when are we going to see it? Hopefully soon, because it looks like a ton of fun.

Number 6: Spectre


I wouldn’t call myself a big James Bond fan. I just haven’t seen enough of the series. Having said that, Skyfall was one of my favourite movies of 2012, thanks to it’s stunning action, memorable villain, beautiful cinematography and intriguing story. I’m definitely looking forward to it’s sequel, Spectre. The main reason this film is so high on the list is due to the fact that I really loved Skyfall, and if this sequel lives up to the previous film, we’re in for yet another stupendous spy thriller.

Part 2 coming soon!!

My Top Five Most Anticipated Films Of Fall 2014

Beautiful-Fall-Wallpapers-autumn-15496207-1600-1200I think we can safely say that the summer movie season has come and gone. While it was an impressive season, we are far from done looking at some of 2014’s biggest releases. We still have both this fall and winter to look forward to. With that said, here’s my top five most anticipated films of 2014 that are being released in my favorite season, fall. (Warning: there will be puns)

Number 5:

Ghostbusters (30th anniversary re-release)35z0e2pmnmz7zmpI may be cheating on this one. Seeing as how the film’s a re-release and technically comes out at the end of august. but who cares? It’s Ghostbusters! It just so happens that this year is the 30th anniversary of the classic comedy, and what better way to celebrate that then seeing it on the big screen? I couldn’t think of a better way to set the tone for the rest of the season.

Ghostbusters will haunt theaters on August 29th for one week only.(Expect a review for this flick to be released shortly after I see it again on the big screen)

Number 4:

The Box Trolls

the-boxtrolls-24676-1280x800Laika (the creative team behind Coraline and ParaNorman) will hit the scene yet again with an adaptation of the novel “Here Be Monsters!” As to be expected from the studio, the stop-motion looks spectacular, and the designs of the trolls themselves are unique and somewhat adorable. While I was a little underwhelmed by their last film, ParaNorman, I look forward to seeing what they have in store with this one.

The Box Trolls will invade theaters on September 26th.

Number 3:

Monsters: Dark Continent

_13772011762010’s “Monsters” was an independent creature feature that focused more on the human angle rather than the Monsters. The result was a Monster movie unlike any other, and one that I happened to really like. That being said, I was surprised when a sequel was announced. I wasn’t too thrilled about the concept when I heard that the original director, Gareth Edwards (who also directed the latest Godzilla film) wasn’t going to be in the directors chair, but upon revisiting the trailer a few more times, My anticipation for the film has increased significantly, and I think we could have another gem with this one if it’s done right.

Monsters: Dark Continent: Will smash it’s way into theaters on September 25th (UPDATE: The release date has been recently changed to November 28th.)

Number 2:

Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks

Twilight_holding_a_microphone_EG2Possibly my most bias choice. I was one of the few people who really enjoyed 2013’s Equestria Girls, as I found it captured the spirit of the show as well as being an entertaining and sweet film in it’s own right. Much like Dark Continent however, I wasn’t expecting a sequel, yet here we are. The music themed followup promises to deliver 12 new songs by Daniel Ingram (the song writer for the show) as well as an interesting new trio of villains that could very well be Sirens in disguise. And hey, anything involving ancient Equestria lore is enough to get me excited.

Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks shreds it’s way into theaters on September 27th for a limited time.

Number 1:

The Book of Life

60Audiences and Critics alike often crave for something that’s unlike anything they’ve ever seen. If The Book of Life’s trailer in any indication, it looks like we’ll be getting just that. The story looks original (although there are a few echos of the corps Bride here and there) But what REALLY has me excited about this movie is it’s visual style. It looks like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and I love that. Everything from the environments, to the character design looks absolutely gorgeous and creative. The film hasn’t even been released yet, and I’m already in love with the world it’s created. And that’s why it’s my most anticipated film of this fall.

 The Book of Life arrives in theaters on October 17th

And that’s my list. I hope you all had a wonderful summer and that you have an equally awesome rest of the year!. This is Ipaidforthat, signing off!

The top five best moments from the Transformers films.

optimus_prime_transformers_dark_of_the_moon-normalThe Transformers films have been financial hits but critical flops. Many Transformers fans hate the Michael Bay trilogy for it not being faithful to the source material, and newcomers dislike it for having action scenes go on for far too long and are hard to see properly, dumb humour and poor acting. That being said, the franchise is not without it’s fair share of victories. With three films that are almost three hours long each, there has to be at least ONE good thing about each. So without further ado, let’s take a look at, in my opinion, the best moments/scenes of the trilogy that everyone loves to hate, Transformers. Warning: Major spoilers for all three films below.

Number 5: The highway battle/Optimus Prime vs Bonecrusher (from Transformers)


The first fight between two Transformers (Bumblebee and Barricade) and in the first film was…underwhelming to say the least. This was because it was shot in such a hyperactive way that I could barley tell who was winning or what was going on. Thankfully, the next big action scene,taking place on a highway in broad daylight, truly showed just how cool two robots fighting can really be. This brief yet brutal clash of the titans made good use of the transforming aspect that makes these robots so special. Best of all, we could tell the robots apart. It remains one of the most memorable moments in the franchise, as well as my favourite fight of the first film.

Number 4: Megatron saves the day (From Transformers: Dark of the Moon)


This one was a real surprise. In the final film of the trilogy the villain, Sentinel Prime, gets into a fairly intense one on one duel with Optimus Prime. While this is going on, Carly (one of The human protagonists) finds a wounded Megatron lying against a building. The two of them have a conversation that causes the deceptacon to second guess his alliance with Sentinel, as well as his loyalty. In light of this, he SAVES Optimus Prime in the process of fighting Sentinel Prime. Of course Megatron and Optimus end up fighting afterwords due to Megatron’s desire to still be in charge, but here’s what I love about this scene; For the last three movies, Megatron has always been the ultimate villain that the characters all know and fear. Yet in the moment of truth, without Megatron’s involvement in the final battle, The good guys would have lost, and Sentinel Prime would have won. In an interesting turn of events, both Optimus and Megatron were needed to save the world, and I will be honest, I did not see it coming.

Number 3: The Shanghai battle (From Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen)


Revenge of the Fallen is seen by many as the worst of the Transformers films. While I agree that it’s the weakest of the trilogy, there’s no denying that it also had the best opening sequence of al three films. It’s fast paced,yet easy to follow, and Just like the highway battle in the first film, it makes terrific use of the transforming aspect. I won’t spoil it here, but Optimus Prime’s introduction into the film is unexpected and just plain awesome. Despite the fact that the rest of the movie is (mostly) less then stellar, this was still a tremendous way to start things off. in my opinion, it’s the best action sequence as well as the best opening of the franchise.

Number 2: Meeting Optimus Prime for the first time (From Transformers)


Ok, admit it. You got chills when you first saw this guy transform from a truck into the majestic autobot the fans know and love. Even if your not a fan, this was still an impressive scene thanks to the stunning visuals. Back in 2007 we hadn’t seen anything quite like this before, so the first few times we saw Transformers really transform was very memorable and very exciting. This scene is also a great introduction to many of the Autobots that had not yet made appearances in the movie, and as an added bonus for the fans, hearing Peter Cullen providing the voice for Optimus prime again was a real delight.

Honourable mention: Scorponok fight (From Transformers)


This sequence showcased my favourite Transformer in all his glory. That alone earns it a spot on this list. Despite the fact that the location was rather boring and the shaky camera didn’t help much. (Hence why it’s an honourable mention)

Number 1: Megaton speaks to The Fallen and Starscream (From Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen)


What’s this? The best scene from the franchise comes from arguably the worst entry? That seems to be the case. The reason I consider this the best scene in the Transformers series is because it’s all about establishing that the Transformers themselves are characters Rather then just machines that punch each other. We learn everything we need to know about these villains (Megatron, his master the Fallen and Starscream, the cowardly assistant) in this short dialogue scene and a little bit more. For the fans, this scene was great because it stayed true to who all three of these characters were, With my favourite moment being when Megatron scolds Starscream for leaving him to die on earth. Starscream states:

“I only left you assist in creating our new army! The Fallen decrees it! After all, in your absence someone had to take command.”

And then Megatron replies:

” Even in death there is no command but mine!”

This scene is just great. The dialogue is memorable, the atmosphere is great, It’s a great villain moment and it finally gives the transformers some character development and personality. Which is why it’s my pick for the best moment in the Transformers series.


So those are my top five favourite moments of the Transformers movies. Do I still find the movies dumb? Yes. Are they still hard to sit through sometimes? Yes. Do I think they should give a director other then Michael Bay a shot at the franchise?  Of course. So what keeps me coming back? I guess it’s because while the films do tend to be overblown messes, they all have moments that do really impress me. The point of this wasn’t to defend the films altogether, but rather to show that they aren’t all bad. When this franchise gets it right, it REALLY gets it right. The latest instalment, “Transformers: Age of Extinction” comes out this Week and I’m kind of looking forward to it. Maybe this will be the first Transformers movie that I can proudly show to my kids as the best Transformers movie of MY generation….

or maybe I can just fastforward to the Dinobots scenes with them. Either way, I have a few questions for you readers. Do you love the Transformers films? Do you hate them? Are you indifferent towards them? Did I miss any scenes that stand out to you as really great? Let me know in the comments!

Top five favourite episodes of Friendship Is Magic: Season 4



Another season of MLP has come and gone. While it’s definitely not my favourite season (that honour still goes to Season 2), the fourth season did provide us with some very good episodes. What set this season apart from the rest was that it was all one story arc, revolving around finding the keys to a mysterious chest. It was practically a treasure hunt. So with that said, which epodes stood out the most for me? Here’s my picks for the top five best episodes of season 4!

 5: Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3


Easily one of the most relatable episodes for me. The plot is fairly simple (stop laughing you bronies.) Rainbow Dash has to study for a test but has a hard time paying attention when her friends try to teach her. This could’ve been just a goofy episode but instead takes a surprisingly touching and emotional turn towards the end. Easily one of season 4’s best.

4: Pinkie Apple Pie


One of the first scenes we saw of Season 4 was the song “Apples to the Core” and many fans instantly fell in love with it. The episode itself also held up well, and stands out to me as one of the most enjoyable of the season, thanks to some great humour, charming animation, and a great message about the importance of family.

3: Princess Twilight Sparkle


Talk about a great premiere. Season 4 started right off the bat with one of the most ambitious and dark episodes to date. As a reintroduction to the characters and Equestria, the premiere works well, and it handles Twilight’s new princess status quite nicely (Even though I do think that Equestria Girls covered that aspect already) But Once the Everfree Forest begins to invade, Discord returns, and The flashbacks come into play, the episode REALLY gets rolling. the animation has been greatly improve since the last season (Which is saying something) thanks to some great shading and updated character models. Season 4 started with a bang.

2: Trade Ya


This episode was just pure fun. It features Great interactions between the characters, it’s consistently hilarious (the humour itself has a very jeff Smith, the author of the graphic novel series “Bone”, quality to it), and there’s SO much going on in the background that it warrants multiple viewings. There’s about three story lines going on in this episode, but my favourite by far is Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash trying to obtain a rare Daring Do novel. Not much else I can say about this one, other then it’s one of the season’s funniest entries.

Honourable mention: Pinkie Pride


Fans had speculated for years whether or not Weird Al was going to make an appearance on the show. Several interviews seemed to hint at such an idea becoming reality, but after three seasons, it was starting to feel like those were just rumours. But in season 4, Weird Al did indeed make a terrific appearance in the form of Cheese Sandwich. Like magical Mystery Cure, Pinkie Pride is a musical episode, and we are treated to some of the season’s best songs such as “Super duper party pony” and “Pinkie’s Lament”. All in all, a fun episode.

1: Twilight’s Kingdom


 Just as Season 4 began with a bang, it also ended with one. If you’ve read my review for this special then you probably could’ve guessed that this was going to be my top pick. It just got so much right. The villain was great, The main characters were great, the story was grand and epic in scale, The songs were great, the animation was great  and Discord’s character development was phenomenal. All these reasons and more are why I consider Twilight’s Kingdom to be my favourite episode of the season. Here’s to a great season 5!!!

My top five most anticipated summer movies of 2014

Best film of 2014. Right here.

Best film of 2014. Right here.

The summer movie season has officially begun. Captain America: The Winter Soldier kicked us off last week, and this year,some pretty big blockbusters are coming our way. These are the five that I’m most excited for.

5: Maleficent

maleficent poster-1

While my overall thoughts about how this film could turn out are mixed, I feel like the good outweighs the bad. From what I’ve seen, I love the look and style of the movie. I love the way Angelina Jolie is portraying one of the most famous Disney villains, and I’m also intrigued that it’s the directorial debut of Robert Stormberg. This could be a gem.

4: How to Train your Dragon 2


Definitely one of my most anticipated animated movies of the year (second only to Disney’s Big Hero 6). What makes me so excited about Dragon 2 is seeing the characters we know and love from the first movie evolve and grow. his sequel looks grittier darker, and more mature then it’s predecessor, while still keeping the wild creativity, charm and beautiful animation that made the first movie so great. Here’s hoping!!

3: Guardians of the Galaxy


Undoubtedly one of the more “Out-there” looking films being released this year. Guardians looks truly unique, thanks to it’s bizarre looking cast of characters and new locations. If the trailers are any indication, this movie’s also going to be the funniest Marvel film yet, harkening back to the Avengers where the comedy was almost as frequent as the action. This is a big risk for marvel, as it really could either make or break their cinematic universe that they’ve been building up to since the first Iron Man. Best case scenario, we are going to have an epic adventure that’s unlike any other this summer.

2: the Amazing Spider-man 2.


Yet another Marvel film. Say what you will about the Amazing Spiderman reboot that came out in 2012, but I loved that film. I thought it captured the essence of what Spider-man is in the comics in a way that the Sam Rami films hadn’t (that being said, I still do love the Rami films, and consider spider-man 2 my favorite Spidey film thus far). This time around, it looks like we are going to learn more about the mystery surrounding Peter Parker’s parents, and it also looks like this may be the most action packed film of the summer, with three villains for Spidey to face! Thankfully, it looks like this one will also have just the right amount of emotional beats, thanks to the great onscreen chemistry of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey. it will be interesting to see where their relationship goes from here. Although, if your a fan of the comics, you know that it may not end well… Either way, this is a must-see for me.

1: Godzilla


Who else saw this coming? If you know me, you know that I’ve been a huge Godzilla fan for almost my entire life. This new film, Directed by Gareth Edwards (who also directed the unique and awesome 2010 film “Monsters”) has had a very promising marketing campaign as well as a wicked supporting cast. But what really excites ME about this film is monsters themselves. Both Godzilla and the antagonist monster Muto have looked fantastic in all of the trailers and TV spots, and that paired up with some intense and heartfelt performances, makes me think this one will be a winner. ( Of course, it will be a winner either way for me. If i’m being bias.)

So those are my picks for the summer movie season. Do you agree or disagree? Which movies are you looking forward to most this summer? Let me know in the comments!

My top five favourite T-rex’s in media

Dinos of Red Deer

What can be said about the king of the dinosaurs? Not only is T-rex one of the most popular dinosaurs of all time,it has also found it’s way into multiple films,video games, TV shows, and more. I’m here today to countdown my top five favourites.


ZORD T-REX (Power Rangers)


Just look at this thing. One half Dinosaur, one half cyborg. This Rex is on the list for it’s cheesy yet somehow badass design. I wouldn’t call myself a Power Rangers fan by any means. I’ve only seen the movie,and a couple episodes on TV. but when I DID watch it, I always looked forward to seeing this guy smash his way through other giant monsters. He has a fighting style similar to the classic 70’s style Godzilla. Kind of like a boxer. Ultimately,he would morph with the other Zords and turn into some big samurai robot super-zord. But my favourite will always be the powerful T-rex Zord.




Does anyone remember Walking with Dinosaurs? It was a BBC documentary show that gave us an incredible look at what life might have very well looked and felt in the time of the dinosaurs. There were six episodes of the series,covering the triassic, Jurassic,and Cretaceous periods. In the final episode,we are introduced to a female Tyrannosaurus. We follow her through the course of this ep, and witness her last days on the planet earth before the inevitable extinction of the Dinosaurs. This may very well be the most realistic Tyrannosaur we will ever see. Brought to life with groundbreaking special effects. (for the time) and actions that are scientifically correct,as well as similar to animals that exist today.




 If Land of the Lost can be commended on one thing, it’s Grumpy. A terrifying beast who,at first, has a grudge against Rick marshal (Will Ferrel) for making fun of his brain size. Despite Rick’s assumptions, Grumpy turns out to be a very smart dinosaur. And would love nothing ore then to have his sweet revenge on Rick and his company. And thus, tracks them down for the rest of the movie. Grumpy is undoubtedly the scene stealer of the movie,and every time he comes on screen he’s either terrifying, or hilarious. He’s just a great character. Land of the lost might have many flaws, but Grumpy manages to provide us with an enjoyable romp through this mysterious land.




YIKES!! The true definition of a monster, Sharptooth was the main villain of the Land Before Time,and boy did he ever make an impression. Where do I begin with this guy? For starters, he puts all the characters through dangerous situations frequently,and stalks our heroes until the very end. But what is he most famous for? He’s responsible for one of the most tragic and tearjerking scenes ever put to film. The death of little foot’s mother. And even AFTER that, he doesn’t give the main character even a moment to sleep, and keeps them going on their journey until the films exiting climax. His design is great. It’s not really going for realism, but rather focusing on giving us a truly memorable and despicable villain.   What could possibly top that? Oh, I think you know by now.




I know, big shocker right? How could i NOT give the number one spot to the most iconic Tyrannosaur ever put to film? Everything about her works. Her ear-splitting roar, her thunderous footsteps, and let’s not forget how well she can make an entrance. Wether your anticipating her arrival,or it catches you by surprise,it’s always a delight to see this wonder paper onscreen. Up until the time this movie was made, people hadn’t seen Dinosaurs look so real. This T-rex looks incredibly convincing,even to this day. Jurassic park is my favourite movie of all time, and I am more then happy to give the number one spot, to it’s T-rex.