Who should direct Godzilla 2?


The shocking news that Gareth Edwards has stepped down from directing Godzilla 2 is upsetting. True, Godzilla 2014 was far from perfect. It lacked a compelling lead, took some questionable turns, and didn’t feature that much Kaiju action, but it was still interesting to see Gareth’s unique take on the character. He’s said that he wants to direct a few smaller projects, which is understandable (especially after directing Godzilla and the upcoming Star Wars: Rouge One, two mega-blockbusters)  but the question still remains: Who’s to take the reins of Legendary’s Godzilla franchise? I have a few ideas….

Number 5: Peter Jackson 


Okay, Okay, I don’t necessarily think Godzilla 2 needs to be three hours long ( from a narrative standpoint at least. From a fanboy perspective that sounds amazing!) But no one does “epic” like Peter Jackson. The guy knows how to make his movies feel massive and yet surprisingly intimate at the same time. His King Kong remake in 2005 was very well done (if a little over-long) Which gives me confidence that he’d do a solid job with Godzilla 2. The reason he’s in last place is simply because after Battle of the Five Armies, Peter seems to be burnt out and disinterested in making another giant blockbuster.

Number 4: Matt Reeves


Much like Peter Jackson, this director knows how to mix spectacle with humanity. Having experience with Giant Monster films in the form of 2008’s Cloverfield, Matt Reeves is also currently at the helm of the Planet of the Apes franchise, with 2014’s Dawn of the Planet of the Apes arguably being the best of that franchise. While his Apes film was fantastic, it’s his stellar work on his terrifying Clovefield film that makes me really consider him to be a worthy contender for Godzilla 2. The only thing that holds him back from being higher on this list is the Planet of the Apes films taking priority for him.

Number 3: Gareth changes his mind


You heard me. Despite all the issues with Godzilla 2014, I would love to see Gareth Edwards take another shot at the Kaiju Genre. his love and passion for Godzilla is evident, and if he could just work with a better script, I think we could have something really special on our hands with Godzilla 2. (If you haven’t already, go watch his debut feature film “Monsters”, it’s one of the best Monster movies of the decade) It’s unlikely that Gareth’s going to change his mind at this point, but hey, I can dream can’t I?

Number 2: Sam Rami 


Sam Rami is known for his films often having a dark sense of humour clash with light-hearted tone, as seen in his Spider-Man films and Army of Darkness. In all honesty, I think this would be the perfect way to approach a film like Godzilla 2, which is going to heavily feature a few of Godzilla’s classic foes such as Rodan, Mothra and Ghidorah. I think the tone needs to be just right for a film like this, and while i’d overall like to see it go for a more epic feeling, It would be interesting to see Rami’s twisted and unique take on a Godzilla film.

Number 1: Guillermo del Toro

File photo of Guillermo Del Toro in Beverly Hills

You all saw this coming. Del Toro proved his Kaiju worth with 2013’s spectacularly fun Pacific Rim, and seeing this man at the helm of a new american Godzilla movie would be a dream come true for many fans. Del Toro has a very strong love and passion for the Kaiju genre, and would be guaranteed to treat the Godzilla franchise with respect and class, as well las providing us with some of the greatest Kaiju battles we’ve seen since…well…Pacific Rim. While i don’t think the chances of him directing Godzilla 2 are exactly likely at this point, he would still be my first choice to direct the film.

That’s all folks!