The Lego Movie

TheLEGOMovie1Where do I begin?

Movies based on toys are nothing new. We’ve seen films like Transformers,My Little Pony, Battleship and GI:Joe invade our theaters over the past few decades. I still stand by that the best movie to have any involvement with toys in general is Toy Story.
Despite this, when I heard rumors In late 2011 of a film based off the lego property being in the works, i was genuinely surprised.To some the concept alone seems absurd,while to others,it seems like a dream come true. No one,including myself, exactly knew what to expect with this film. And now that I’ve seen it, should you? The answer is a resounding YES YES YES.


I’m not going to get into this film’s plot, as one of the film’s greatest aspects is how unpredictable it is. All I’m going to say about the story is its familiar,yet still remaining fresh and new. It’s alot like a Monty python style film,where anything and everything you could possibly imagine happening in this world the film creates happens. The comedy is perfect. Nearly every joke hits the mark here, and it feels very diverse from the witty dialogue to the visuals. What’s really great about the movie’s story though,is it’s sincerity. Many people who grew up playing with legos, or even just used the imaginations, will get wonderful feeling of nostalgia as this movie, at it’s core, speaks to the young at heart.


The animation is a real beauty. Everything is made of lego in this movie,and I mean EVERYTHING. Even the water and explosions are done entirely with lego bricks. It gives the movie a youthful charm,and gives us a unique and never before seen world to get lost in. The animation was achieved using CGI and stop-motion, and it’s seamless. This is one of the most beautiful looking movies I have ever seen. And that really surprised me,as I didn’t expect a lego movie to floor me visually to this extent. the films sophisticated visual style is evident right from the first shot of the movie. It’s right up there with Disney and even Lord of the Rings.


This movie has vey large cast of characters,and they are all lovable and hilarious. There are alot of cameos from famous lego properties scattered throughout the film. If you’ve seen the movie Wreck it Ralph you’ll know what to expect when it comes to the cameos. Most of them are only on screen for a few minutes, But they also provide some of the movie’s biggest laughs too. The only recognizable character that plays a major role in the film is Batman, and he gets some of the most memorable scenes.


The lego movie might just be the best comedy I’ve seen in the last few years. It may be too early to tell,but I really do think it’s going to end up being in my top favorite films of the year, and rightfully so. It’s a great comedy, a visual marvel, It has lots of heart, and a wonderful imagination. In the Lego movie, everything truly is, “Awesome”.