My top five favourite T-rex’s in media

Dinos of Red Deer

What can be said about the king of the dinosaurs? Not only is T-rex one of the most popular dinosaurs of all time,it has also found it’s way into multiple films,video games, TV shows, and more. I’m here today to countdown my top five favourites.


ZORD T-REX (Power Rangers)


Just look at this thing. One half Dinosaur, one half cyborg. This Rex is on the list for it’s cheesy yet somehow badass design. I wouldn’t call myself a Power Rangers fan by any means. I’ve only seen the movie,and a couple episodes on TV. but when I DID watch it, I always looked forward to seeing this guy smash his way through other giant monsters. He has a fighting style similar to the classic 70’s style Godzilla. Kind of like a boxer. Ultimately,he would morph with the other Zords and turn into some big samurai robot super-zord. But my favourite will always be the powerful T-rex Zord.




Does anyone remember Walking with Dinosaurs? It was a BBC documentary show that gave us an incredible look at what life might have very well looked and felt in the time of the dinosaurs. There were six episodes of the series,covering the triassic, Jurassic,and Cretaceous periods. In the final episode,we are introduced to a female Tyrannosaurus. We follow her through the course of this ep, and witness her last days on the planet earth before the inevitable extinction of the Dinosaurs. This may very well be the most realistic Tyrannosaur we will ever see. Brought to life with groundbreaking special effects. (for the time) and actions that are scientifically correct,as well as similar to animals that exist today.




 If Land of the Lost can be commended on one thing, it’s Grumpy. A terrifying beast who,at first, has a grudge against Rick marshal (Will Ferrel) for making fun of his brain size. Despite Rick’s assumptions, Grumpy turns out to be a very smart dinosaur. And would love nothing ore then to have his sweet revenge on Rick and his company. And thus, tracks them down for the rest of the movie. Grumpy is undoubtedly the scene stealer of the movie,and every time he comes on screen he’s either terrifying, or hilarious. He’s just a great character. Land of the lost might have many flaws, but Grumpy manages to provide us with an enjoyable romp through this mysterious land.




YIKES!! The true definition of a monster, Sharptooth was the main villain of the Land Before Time,and boy did he ever make an impression. Where do I begin with this guy? For starters, he puts all the characters through dangerous situations frequently,and stalks our heroes until the very end. But what is he most famous for? He’s responsible for one of the most tragic and tearjerking scenes ever put to film. The death of little foot’s mother. And even AFTER that, he doesn’t give the main character even a moment to sleep, and keeps them going on their journey until the films exiting climax. His design is great. It’s not really going for realism, but rather focusing on giving us a truly memorable and despicable villain.   What could possibly top that? Oh, I think you know by now.




I know, big shocker right? How could i NOT give the number one spot to the most iconic Tyrannosaur ever put to film? Everything about her works. Her ear-splitting roar, her thunderous footsteps, and let’s not forget how well she can make an entrance. Wether your anticipating her arrival,or it catches you by surprise,it’s always a delight to see this wonder paper onscreen. Up until the time this movie was made, people hadn’t seen Dinosaurs look so real. This T-rex looks incredibly convincing,even to this day. Jurassic park is my favourite movie of all time, and I am more then happy to give the number one spot, to it’s T-rex.



My opinion on 3-D


Going to the movies is something i think we all do once in a while. Recently however,a new question has been popping up everytime we go,3D or NON-3D. since 2009,almost every film has been relased in either 3D and/or IMAX. But why you ask? The anwser is money my friends. lots and lots of money is to be made by thease 3D mega blockbusters. But now,its not just blockbuster’s that are being converted into 3D. Now just about any genre of film can be in 3D,from comadies,to childrens film’s,to even romances.

Hollywood is also keen on re-realeses. This year alone,6 movies were scheduled to be re-relased to theaters in 3D( “jurassic park”,”Top gun”,”Star wars attack of the clones”,”Star wars revenge of the sith”,”Independence day”,and “The little mermaid”.) most of thease projects were cancled however,with only “jurassic park,and “Top gun remaning(although “The little mermaid” is still scheduled to be relased on Blue-ray 3D this fall.)

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Audiences however,respond differently to this.Director Christopher Nolan says ,”The thing with stereoscopic imaging(3D) is it gives each audience member an individual perspective. It’s well suited to video games and other immersive tech, but if you’re looking for an audience experience, stereo is hard to embrace.” on the other side of things though,directors such as james cameron and peter jackson see 3D as a way to enhance the film,and use the 3D as a way of story telling.

Me personally? Well….i have seen some films in 3D that have truly impressed me.(“The hobbit”,”Life of pi”,and “Avatar” come to mind) but i have also seen some films where the 3D was NOT needed or used properly.( “Pirates of the Caribbean 4″,”Brave”,and “Iron man 2” come to mind) so,i am still not sure of what i think of the overall idea.

When all is said and done,thease 3D films make a LOT of money at the box office.So here is my quetion for you guys,how do YOU feel about the 3D vs NON-3D war going on?should they stop making 3D films all together? or should they realese them straght to Blu-ray? and as a extra question,what is the BEST and WORST 3D films you have seen and why?