The Lone Ranger



Johnny Depp. Admit it. Those two words are the real reason you went or are planning to see this movie. While the film has much more going for it then just that,it’s no secret that without Johnny Depp’s commitment to the film,it would have bombed at the box office and lost Disney ALOT of money-Wait,what’s that? The Lone Ranger IS failing at the box-office? And it IS loosing Disney alot of money!?  huh…….. Well… be honest……it’s not entirely hard to see why.

First things first,if you like Pirates of the Caribbean,then you’ll love this. Me personally? I’m not gonna lie,i love Pirates of the Caribbean as well. They’re undeniably flawed,to be sure,but they still provide a fun ride. The same can be said for The Lone Ranger. While clocking in at around 2 and a half hours,the movie’s story isn’t it’s strongest aspect. it’s strongest aspect is,(surprise surprise) the very creative action sequences that are littered throughout the film.

As i mentioned before,Johnny Depp plays the most memorable role here as Tonto. He’s just a brilliant actor,there’s no denying that. the facial expressions,the way he delvers his dialogue,are all spot on. I thought this was nearly on par with his Jack Sparrow character.

Armmie Hammer however,plays a decent Lone Ranger,but next to Johnny Depp,it becomes very clear that the people making them movie didn’t want the spotlight to be on him as much as Tonto (even though the friggen MOVIE is called “The Lone Ranger”!!) That beings said,i think he does a good job with what he’s given. He’s more of your typical action hero with a little bit of wit and ALOT of acrobatic talents. My big problem with The Lone Ranger,as a character,is that his character starts off one way,and never changes during the film.

At the beginning of the movie,The Lone ranger is shown to be a good hearted yet strong symbol of justice. This character trait however,i don;t feel ever get’s tested. His most noteworthy character quirk is he doesn’t use guns. (Batman, anyone?) But that really goes NOWHERE. The most change this guy goes through in the film is that he put on a mask. that’s it!! I would have liked it better if they had spent time on his character a bit more.

One thing i have to say i LOVED about this movie though,is the cinematography,and the landscapes that were shown. Madeleine Keesmaat- Walsh pointed out to me just how amazing some of the shots of the old western fields in the film looked,and i couldn’t agree more. Everytime there was a scene that had action in it (or even just one of the train scenes) you really got the sense of inspiration,energy,and wit. It’s definitely clear that the western genre is something that the filmmakers here are really passionate about.

Overall,The lone Ranger is definitely a mixed bag. But a very entertaining mixed bag. I definitely had a great time watching it,and would most definitely watch it again. But there are just some flaws that i think with a little more work,could have been overlooked. Now just before i finish up with this review,one last thing i would like to mention the theatre that i saw this movie at was highlands cinemas. It’s a truly amazing place,and i am SUPER grateful to Madeleine Keesmaat-Walsh for introducing me to it. i highly recommend visiting their website,and given them a visit. It’s truly an experience i won’t forget. Overall though,i give the Lone Ranger a 6 out of 10.


Pacific Rim

















I thought this movie was…alright…. It wasn’t amazing,but it certainly wasn’t anything BAD for the genre. I just never got the feeling that there was any inspiration from the filmmakers, who have clearly never seen a Kaiju film before….

Ok,i’m almost tempted to keep this act going,but i can’t. Because everything i just said is bullship. This movie was friggen AMAZING!!!!! And i’m here to explain why.

Pacific Rim delivers exactly what it promises. A very energetic,creative,and fun love letter to the Japanese Godzilla-style monster movies (Kaiju films,if you will.) of the 1950’s and 60’s. The movie doesn’t have the deepest story,or the best written dialogue,but be honest,are you REALLY going to see this movie for the story? Because if you are,then you might be a little disappointed.

The film has a specific tone it sticks with, and that is it doesn’t take itself very seriously. it knows what it’s job is,and it does it’s job with flying colours. Detail is this film’s strongest point. Every scale on the monsters,every gear on the robots,and every little piece of distraction that this movie gives us it just a spectacle to behold. Some people are comparing this movie’s visual style to Transformers,but i think it’s much more comparable to something far grander such as The Lord of The Rings.

The term “Kaiju”,means giant monster in Japanese,and what i LOVE about Japanese monsters (like Godzilla).is their personality. And this movie celebrates that aspect at it’s finest. There is just so much character involved and every monsters has it’s own attitude,unique skills,and even way of thinking and planning a strategy. It gives the movie a great sense of variety,and imagination that you don’t see in a lot of other summer movies lately.

The Robots in the film are just as grand. They call them “jaegers”,and they are some of the coolest robots i have ever seen on film in recent years. While familiar looking(Think Ultraman and the iron giant) they also sport a very unique and very cool set of skills. As well as sharing the same variety of attitudes and personality’s as the Kaiju. For example,one of the robot’s is referred to as the “cowboy.” The cowboy is the leader of the army of machines and gets the most badass scenes in the movie. As well as being the main source of transportation for the main characters.

The movie knows exactly what it wants to be,and it does this very well. Though the actors aren’t really one of the movie’s strengths. The delivery of the dialogue is just so darn silly! But that’s part of the charm of these Kaiju films. The actors are just there to be exposition. And this movie isn’t trying to be too deep or insightful. It’s just tying to be fun,and in my opinion,it succeeds at that.

Pacific Rim is without question my FAVOURITE film of 2013 so far. I might be a little biased, because this is my favourite genre of film,but i think that it’s still the summer movie event of 2013 and that with the right mind-set. You’ll have a great time with it.

Monsters University



Monsters Inc is one of my favourite Pixar films. It’s very funny,and very well animated,but just like all of Pixar’s films,it also has alot of heart. So you can imagine how exited i was to hear that they were re-visiting the world of monsters in 2013’s prequel, Monsters University.

Before the film started,there was a short film entitled “The Blue umbrella.” It was a very cute little short film,but what really impressed me was the animation of the rain,and the environments. It was just gorgeous. Pixar has really perfected the art form.

The original cast is back. Billy Crystal and John Goodman reprise their roles from the first film as Mike and sully. The two actors chemistry together shines through this film just as clearly as it did back in 2001,and you can tell that they were having alot of fun with their roles this time around too.

Animation wise,well…it”s Pixar! It’s visually stunning and beautiful. They really capture the look and feel of this oozing with creativity world that they’ve created. And in my personal opinion,i liked the way we were shown the monster world in this film better then the way they showed it in the first one.

The music of this movie is also very good. Randy Newman (the composer of the first movie and a number of other pixar movies.) returns after a short break,and gives the movie a very classic Pixar feel that i thought was missing from Brave and cars 2. It was a joy to hear his music.

Monsters University isn’t just a more then a worthy successor to the original,i think that it might actually be slightly better. Everything just falls into place perfectly. The story’s great,the voice cast is great,the animation is great,and it just leaves you with that warm fuzzy feeling you should get after watching a Disney Pixar film. I rate this movie a 9 out of 10.